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How to Create High-Quality Product Photos for Amazon Listings

Professional product photography for Amazon is the skill of taking pictures of goods in a way that highlights their greatest qualities and increases their attraction to potential customers. The objective is to provide visually arresting photographs that correctly represent the product while also inspiring an emotional response in the viewer. Professional Amazon product photography may increase sales and promote company expansion by displaying the product in the most appropriate manner.

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What is Product Photography?

Each e-commerce business must have product photos. It involved taking amazing product photos to put on the website, social platforms, and other digital advertising. Product photography aims to present the item most attractively in the most attractive manner, capturing the interest of potential consumers.

Depending on the item being photographed as well as the look of the business, products could range from simple, basic photographs to more detailed, creative images. Even so, products should always be of the best quality and professionally done, regardless of the style.

Why is Product Photography Important?

Product photography is vital for every firm that wants to sell things online in today’s digital world. Here are some of the reasons:

  • It boosts sales: High-quality product photos may have a big influence on a customer’s purchase decision. Product photography may help improve sales and promote business success by presenting things in the best possible light.
  • It Increases Brand Trust: High-quality product photographs aid in the development of brand trust. Customers are more inclined to trust your company and make a purchase if they can view your items clearly and in-depth.
  • It Helps in the Development of a Consistent Brand Aesthetic: Product photography may aid in the development of a consistent brand aesthetic across all marketing platforms. You can establish a unified brand image that buyers will know and remember by utilizing the same style and tone for all product photographs.

How To Take Product Pictures For Amazon?

In today’s world of internet shopping, the product photography is crucial for the achievement of any e-commerce firm. When it comes to selling on Amazon, product images are the first that consumers see. As a response, that is essential to take quality product photos that showcase the products’ best features & make them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

This blog will go through where to take product photos on Amazon or what equipment you’ll require to get started.


The most important piece of equipment you’ll have to take high-quality product images on Amazon is a camera. A DSLR camera with a minimum of 12 megapixels was recommended for sharper & clearer images. If you don’t have a DSLR, a decent-quality smartphone camera with captures sharp and clear images will do. To get the best images from your camera, go through the manual and then learn well how to adjust the settings.


A tripod is essential to product photos because it keeps your camera steady & avoids blurry images. It also helps you to keep a consistent angle or height when taking several products. When choosing the tripod, look for one that’s sturdy and capable of holding up the weight of your camera. You should also be sure that it is adjustable to be positioned at different heights & angles. A tripod will help you in making professional-looking product images while also saving you time by preventing the need to retake blurry shots.


High-quality product photos that stand out from Amazon require good lighting. If natural light was its best option in product photography, choose a well-lit place in your home or company with enough natural light. If you’re taking it indoors, you may utilize artificial lighting, such as softbox lights, to provide a bright or even light source. Avoid harsh shadows or uneven lighting, that can make your goods look unappealing. Experiment with several lighting setups to see which one works best on your product, and then adjust the camera settings accordingly. Good lighting will enhance the look of your product images and increase your chances of making a sale on Amazon.


The background on your product images is important because it brings attention to your product and gives context to your images. Product photography requires a clear and clutter-free background, so utilize a basic white or light-colored background that makes your product stand out. As a backdrop, you may use a white sheet of poster board, or you can invest in a professional image background stand. It’s essential that your background be evenly light and free of distracting things that distract from your product. A basic, clean background will help the product’s photographs look better & increase your chances of selling on Amazon.


Props can be utilized to improve your product images or add context. If you’re selling a pair of shoes, for example, you can use a mannequin leg and a model to show how the shoes look being worn. Props may also be used to give your product images more personality or style, making these more appealing to potential customers. But, props must not distract from the product and make it seem cluttered. Select props that match your product that add value to your images without detracting from the main point of interest. Props may help your good images stand out with Amazon & increase your chances of selling.

Photo Editing Software:

Product photography needs the use of photo editing software, that allows you to improve or enhance your images before uploading them to Amazon. Photoshop is indeed the industry standard in photo editing, but it is expensive and has a high learning curve. Instead, there are other free or low-cost photo image editing options available online, including GIMP or Canva, with a basic set of editing tools. When editing product images, try to improve lighting, color, or sharpness while avoiding over-processing, which can make your product seem unrealistic. Keep the images true to the product & avoid misleading customers using overly-enhanced images. A good product image can greatly impact how customers view your product on Amazon.

Tips for Taking Great Product Pictures for Amazon:

  • To avoid blurry images, be using a tripod and keep your camera steady.
  • For the best results, shoot in natural light.
  • To make your product stand out, use a basic white or light-colored background.
  • Use props to provide context but also enhance your product images.
  • Take multiple shots at various angles to showcase the product’s best features.
  • Enhance the quality of your images & let them stand out by altering images.

Essential Guidelines for Optimizing Amazon Product Images

  1. Image Size: Amazon requires product images to be at least 1000 pixels on the longest side and a minimum of 500 pixels on the shortest side.
  2. Image Background: Images should have a pure white background (RGB 255, 255, 255) and should not include any additional text, graphics, or watermarks.
  3. Image Format: Amazon accepts JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), or GIF (.gif) image file formats. However, JPEG is the preferred format.
  4. Image Quality: Images should be of high quality with a resolution of 72 DPI or higher. They should also have good lighting, sharp focus, and accurate colors.
  5. Product Representation: Images should accurately represent the product being sold, including its color, size, shape, and features.
  6. Product Framing: Amazon requires that at least 85% of the product image frame should be filled with the product itself. The product should be centered within the frame.
  7. Additional Images: Amazon allows up to 9 additional images for each product. These images should showcase different views, features, and benefits of the product.
  8. Image File Naming: Image file names should be descriptive and include the product’s name, color, and size (if applicable).
  9. Prohibited Images: Amazon prohibits the use of images that are offensive, sexually explicit, violent, or misleading.

Types of Product Photography

There are several forms of product photography, each with a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. These are a few samples of the more common types:

White Background: This form is product image is clean and simple, with a white background which attracts attention to the product.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle product photography shows the product in its natural surroundings, giving customers and sense of how it will look & function in their own lives.

Innovative: Innovative product Photography is becoming more creative and elaborate, using unique lighting, props, or angles.

Tips for Successful Product Photography

Here are some tips that keep in mind if you want to create successful product photography:

Invest in High-Quality Equipment: Creating high-quality product images requires high-quality equipment, such as a good camera, lighting, or backdrop.

Pay Attention to Lighting: Lighting was crucial to product photography. For the desired look, either use natural or artificial light.

Show Multiple Angles: Show multiple angles on your product images and give customers a better idea of the way things look like.

Use Props and Backgrounds: Using props and backgrounds may help create context & interest for your product images.

Hire a Professional: If you are sure of your photography skills, consider hiring an experienced product photographer to ensure you get the best results possible.

Chose the Right Background: A background you used in your product images may have a big impact on how individuals perceive the product. A white background is popular as it brings attention to the product, but you may also experiment with colorful backgrounds and textures to add interest.

Pay Attention to Composition: A arrangement of the elements of your product image is known as composition. Consider the position of the item in the frame, how to utilize negative space, or the overall balance from the image.

Use Editing Software: Editing software will help you in enhancing the look of your product images, making them more polished and professional. Try utilizing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to make color, contrast, and sharpness adjustments to your images.

Consider the Product’s Intended Use: When developing product images, consider the intended usage of the product. Consider showing an item of clothing on a model, for example, if you’re photographing it to give customers a sense of the way it fits or looks.

Keep Your Brand in Mind: Finally, keep your brand in mind when creating product images. The images should reflect the values and style of your brand, helping in the creation of a consistent brand image in all marketing channels.

Creating high-quality product photographs for Amazon is critical for enticing potential consumers and converting them into buyers. Customers rely extensively on product photographs while purchasing online to judge the quality, look, and features of a product. Hence it’s essential to take product images that do your product justice and set it apart from the competitors. You may enhance your chances of generating a sale and growing your business on Amazon by investing time and effort in developing professional and appealing product photos.