Jio True 5G Launches for Some Andhra Pradesh Cities; Reach Entire State by December 2023

Starting on December 26, Jio customers in Tirumala, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, & Guntur would be invited to the Jio Welcome offer. As of now, Jio is offering True 5G services in Tirumala, Visakhapatnam, Vijaywada, and Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. At a ceremony here on Monday, Chief Secretary KS Jawahar Reddy and Minister of Information and Technology Gudivada Amarnath of Andhra Pradesh introduced its Jio True 5G & Jio True 5G Powered wi-fi services.

According to a press statement from the firm, Jio used its groundbreaking AR-VR Jio Glass technology as well as the Reliance Community Clinic medical equipment to show the immersion benefits of 5G in the realm of healthcare.

The lives of the people of Andhra Pradesh will change recently as a result of these benefits, it said.

According to Andhra Pradesh Minister for Industries, Commerce, Infrastructure, and Investment Gudivada Amarnath, 5G services will have a transformative impact on the state’s people.

“Launching Jio’s True 5G service ln Andhra Pradesh makes me pleased. Long-term, 5G services will benefit the citizens of Andhra Pradesh in profound ways “added he.

But by end of next year, all of the states will have access to Jio 5G services, based on the minister.

“Jio recently invested about Rs. 6,500 crores for the deployment of a 5G network in Andhra Pradesh in addition to their previous investment of Rs. 26,000 crores, which demonstrates their enormous commitment to the growth of our state. Jio True 5G services would be accessible in every Andhra Pradesh town, taluka, mandala, and hamlet by December 2023 “Added he.

According to Chief Secretary KS Jawahar Reddy, the new service will create prospects for growth in e-governance, education, and healthcare.

In addition to obtaining the best telecommunications network, he added, “Jio’s True 5G services will open doors to growth potential in the sectors as e-governance, education, healthcare, IT, and SME business.”

“Jio True 5G will make it possible for citizens and the government to be in constant communication, and also improve the efficiency of government programs all the way down to the last user. The government of Andhra Pradesh places a lot of emphasis on the ecosystem for start-up businesses, and Jio’s introduction of True 5G services will be a huge help to those businesses that are developing cutting-edge technologies the same as IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics. The start-ups of Andhra Pradesh will be given wings to fly with the arrival of Jio True 5G, which will further accelerate them “Added he.

According to a Jio representative, a True 5G network would quickly spread all through the state.

“It launched in Jio True 5G in Andhra Pradesh excites everyone. Within a short amount of time, the Jio True 5G network may spread across the entire state. Jio engineers work around the clock to bring True 5G benefits to every Indian such that they can all benefit from this technology’s transformative power and exponential benefits.”

The spokesperson thanked Jagan Mohan Reddy Garu, the state chief minister, and the state legislature for “extending their assistance in digitizing Andhra Pradesh.”

According to the release, starting on December 26, Jio subscribers in Tirumala, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Guntur will be welcome to take advantage of the Jio Welcome Offer, which will provide them access to unlimited data at rates of up to 1 Gbps+ at no extra cost. By January 2023, more cities in the state would be 5G ready, based on that.