Apple Brings 5G Support to Beta Testers in India with iOS 16.2 RC Update

The backups and pictures will be even more secure due to Apple’s new Advanced Data Protection. With improvements in end-to-end encryption across services or the addition of a new karaoke-based Apple Music function, Apple is releasing iOS 16.2 RC for beta testers. However, 5G support is the largest update made available for iPhone customers in India. The term “RC version” stands for “Release Candidate,” indicating that the most recent update is close to being the final version. AirDrop, the Always-On Display, or a new Freeform app that enables group collaboration on projects are all getting updates in iOS 16.2.

As beta users in India, the 16.2 update brings 5G support to the iPhone 12 and subsequent devices. That comes after the tech giant announced in November that its 16.2 updates for compatible iPhones in India would add functionality for 5G networks. According to a report by 9to5Mac, the iOS 16.2 update will also add end-to-end encryption to a number of iCloud services, including backups of devices, messages, and images.

For this feature, which Apple is dubbing Advanced Data Protection, 10 new iCloud services are given an additional degree of security. Your voice recordings and notes will soon be safeguarded by end-to-end encryption, in addition to your backups and pictures.

The latest update also includes the Apple Music Sing function, which enables users to sing along to songs the with aid of current real-time lyrics, much like a karaoke machine. This feature is being rolled out as part of Apple’s developer beta program. Later this month, all Apple Music customers will be able to access the function, according to Apple.

With the release of iOS 16.2 beta and the addition of compatibility for the Jio and Airtel networks, Apple tested 5G support in India last month. As soon as network validation & testing for quality and performance are finished, we are working with our carrier partners in India to provide iPhone users with the finest 5G experience. A software upgrade will enable 5G, and it will begin to go out to iPhone users in December,” Apple had said.