Amazon’s Media Chief Jeff Blackburn Announces Plans to Retire in 2023

Jeff Blackburn, the head of Amazon Media, joined the business in 1998 and helped it draught its IPO prospectus in Deutsche Bank. Jeff Blackburn, the company’s senior media officer, plans to retire at beginning of 2023, an e-commerce behemoth announced on Friday.

According to the corporation, two current executives, Mike Hopkins and Steve Boom, who will work directly with Chief Executive Officer Andy Jassy, will supervise the media and entertainment operations, which have been under Blackburn’s direction since May of last year.

Prime Video, Amazon Studio, Music, Audible, Games, & Twitch are among the companies.

Blackburn joined Amazon in 1998 and oversaw the company’s first public offering prospectus with Deutsche Bank while simultaneously serving as senior vice president.

He briefly departed Amazon in February 2021 before coming back in May 2021.

I’ve made the decision will spend 2023 differently, spending more time with my family, and I’m confident that this is the best course of action for me, said Blackburn.

According to Amazon, Blackburn has played a significant role in the previous 18 months in both the acquisition of the movie studio MGM this year as well as the success of programs like Rings of Power.

In the meantime, Amazon had a wave of major layoffs in November of this year, which CEO Andy Jassy now claims will continue into 2019. Employees in the company’s electronics and books businesses have been informed of the layoffs. A voluntary buyout option was also made for a small number of employees.

Amazon has previously informed the authorities of its intention to fire around 260 corporate employees from its various operations. Amazon is providing severance payouts to workers who are being let go. It is one of many tech companies this year that are experiencing major layoffs. In November, Twitter and Meta both announced layoffs that affected thousands of employees.