Samsung India Sells Smartphones Worth Rs. 14,400 Crore between Sept-Oct

In January and September 2022, Samsung India saw a year-over-year increase of 178 percent in the value of its 5G smartphone sales. A senior company official said on Friday that between September and October, Samsung India bought cellphones worth Rs. 14,400 crores and that the company had a 99 percent rise in the premium smartphone market.

Aditya Babbar, senior director & director of product marketing at Samsung India, told PTI that the company saw a value-based increase in 5G smartphone sales of 178 percent between January and September 2022.

“This festive season was a record-breaker for Samsung. This was an exceptional performance as a result of the significant income of Rupees. 14,400 crore that we posted within 60 days starting September 1 “said he.

Is as said that compared to the sales during the festive season last year, the growth was in healthy double-digits but did not give the precise percentage.

He said that one of the major factors in the development was Samsung Finance Plus and that during the festive season, the number of transactions also on the platform tripled to more than 10 lakh.

According to Babbar, “the development has done extremely well in metropolitan centers well as, but it’s been far better for tiers 2 and 3 towns.” As opposed to the same period in 2021, the firm’s premium segment cell phones cost more than Rupees. 30,000 per saw a 99 % value growth.

“On the base of the S22 and Foldable phones, Samsung is the premium brand with the fastest growth rate in India. Compared to January through September of last year, our growth in the Rs. 30,000+ category has increased by 99% “Being as said.

The latest report by Counterpoint Research indicates that Samsung, which continued to be the top-selling smartphone in the country, was the second-largest smartphone vendor in India with an 18% market share in terms of volume in the July-September quarter.

The company asserts that for the first nine months of 2022, revenue market share for mobile phones increased by 22% while overall mobile phone sales increased by 20%.

“In 2013, we have also risen to the top brand in terms of value. More premium phones and 5G are used by consumers. With Rs. 10,900 devices, we are leading the democratization of 5G. Twenty of our devices are 5G enabled. For the past four quarters, we have dominated the 5G brand “Babbar said.

He said that the majority of devices have already begun supporting 5G services, and the company will send out software updates to every 5G device on November 15.