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Google Pixel Fold high-res renders, price and launch date leaked: full details

According to reports, a Google Pixel Fold will go on sale in May 2023 for a starting price of $1,799, or around Rs 1.45 lakhs.

The Pixel Fold, allegedly Google’s first folding smartphone, has been the subject of rumors for a while now. The company has not officially confirmed this development, but its purportedly official renders have recently appeared online. The Pixel Fold is seen in the renders on YouTube and tipster Front Page Tech (Jon Prosser), who has a good track record for discovering product leaks. Its triple camera sensors and the LED flash are housed in a distinctive pill-shaped notch on the rear plate as well. Notably, a report on the website also emphasized the cost and the expected debut dates.

A Google Pixel Fold was rumored to go on sale in May 2023 for a starting price of $1,799, or around Rs 1.45 lakhs. The first folding smartphone from Google is yet unspecified, but it will operate on either Android 13L or Android 12L, which is Google’s special foldable operating system. The phone will probably incorporate features from Google’s premium Pixel 7 Pro, too. It might come with a skin-tone-accurate real-tone camera. The remove blur function with in photo app may be used to enhance details in hazy pictures.

According to the renderings, it appears that the cover screen will have a wide aspect ratio, much like Oppo’s Find N folding smartphones. The renderings also show a hold-punch cutout and selfie camera sensor and a cover screen with thin bezels. Similar to the Pixel 7 Pro’s back camera system, this pill-shaped camera module has a noticeable hump and is believed to hold three cameras: a wide camera, an ultra-wide camera, or a telephoto camera. A SIM tray with a USB-C port for charging may be located on the bottom spine.

The although the precise weight of a Pixel Fold is still unknown, the rumor states that it will be substantial. To put things in context, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 weighs 263 grams and is currently one of the lighter folding (notebook-folding form factor) phones on the market. Weighing 262, 311, and 275 grams, the Oppo Find N, Xiaomi Mix Fold 2, and Vivo X Fold, respectively.