What is the effect of Evaporative Pressure

What is the effect of Condenser Pressure

The condenser pressure or discharge pressure is another important factor, that affects the performance of a vapor compression system. Let the discharge pressure be increased from P2 to P2‘ on the P-h diagram. Its effect will be.

  1. Decrease in refrigerating effect from from (h1-h4) to (h1-h4‘)
  2. Increase in compressor work from (h2-h1) to (h2‘-h1)
  3. Decrease in volumetric efficiency due to increase in the pressure ratio.
  4. Increase mass flow results increase in power consumption.
  5. Decrease in COP.

This shows that the increase in discharge pressure results in a decrease in COP. Hence the discharge pressure should be kept as low as possible depending upon the temperature of the cooling medium available.

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