What is the effects of superheating

Superheating of the suction vapors is advisable in practice because it ensures complete vaporization of the liquid in the evaporator before it enters the compressor, which ensures a dry compression.

The effect of superheating can be seen from and the effects are:

  • Increase in temperature of vapour from ‘t1 to t1‘.
  • Increase in specific volume of suction vapour from ‘v1 to v1‘.
  • Increase in refrigerating effect from (h1-h4) to (h1-‘h4).
  • Increase in compression work from (h2-h1) to (h2‘-h1‘).

Advantages and disadvantages of superheating


  1. Increase in specific volume will increase the refrigerating effect.
  2. Increase in refrigerating effect will increase refrigerating capscity.
  3. super heating will aviod wet- compression.
  4. Increase the COP of F-12 systems.


  1. Increase in specific volume increases the compressor work.
  2. Increase in specific volume will cause decrease in mass flow rate of refrigerant, which will lead to decrease in capacity.
  3. Increase in compressor work will cause decrease in COP.
  4. Decrease the COP of ammonia and F-22 systems.

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