A social privacy tool is planned for Twitter. This allows users to control who can see posts and who can hide outdated tweets

Twitter is testing a new privacy-related feature that gives users more control over their follower list and allows everyone to see their posts and settings. Twitter administrators refer to this as “social privacy,” or how users manage their reputation and identity on the Service. This includes information such as your watchlist, featured tweets, and whether your account is public or private. 

Some of the features we’ve covered are editing your follower list and archiving old tweets so they won’t be visible to other users after a certain amount of time you’ve set. Hiding old tweets is a popular feature among people who don’t want their posts to stay online forever by manually deleting posts or viewing posts from the past year. 

This is an easier solution than looking for unwanted messages. Send. Svetlana Pikmina, an employee of the San Francisco-based company, noted that many Twitter users do not understand the basics of privacy, such as opening an account. Users rarely use it on Twitter because they don’t know what other people will see. 

“People limit their self-expression when social needs are not being met,” says Pikmin. “They left the conversation.” Since September, Twitter has been encouraging people to check if their accounts are public or private. 

The company’s privacy team is developing a range of products to help ease user anxiety. Interviews with team members indicate that some of them will be tested soon, while others are in the design phase.

What is the list of possible products? 

Archived Tweets: Twitter allows users to hide old tweets after a certain amount of time. Tweets are visible to the account owner, but not visible to other users. The company is considering various timing options, including hiding messages after 30, 60, and 90 days and hiding tweets after a year. This product does not have a release date and is still under development. 

Remove subscribers: you can remove subscribers immediately. Currently, this could only be done by blocking someone. Twitter plans to test this feature starting this month. Hide Favorite Tweets: Users can immediately decide who can see their favorite tweets (everyone, followers, or just selected groups). There is no schedule for testing this feature. 

End Conversation: Users can opt-out of public conversations on Twitter. Today only the sender of the tweet can name it. Twitter will be tested at the end of the year. 

In part, Twitter is motivated by the fact that employees often find that the lack of this feature provides users with creative solutions, such as blocking and then blocking a user from being removed from their followers. Many other users manually delete old tweets or switch between public and private accounts depending on what they are posting. 

Find a new job, apply to college, become a politician, and more. Competitors like Snap and Instagram have thrived with the fall of Stories products. This indicates that the user is interested in an application that he does not publish. The Twitter Stories feature will not be visible to users, but it seems to be popular with Tweet users. Twitter has long been open to product cards and regularly tests its functionality.

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