YouTube is testing a new drag and drop gesture to control video playback

YouTube is known to be testing a new swipe search feature to make it easier to send and play videos in its Android and iOS apps. Users can use drag and drop gestures to jump to their favorite part of the video. Previously, when users touched the left or right of the video player, they could skip 10 seconds of the video or use a progress bar. 

The new feature appears to be undergoing testing and could be part of a server-wide update or cover multiple user accounts. According to an Android Police report, a Reddit user (@ u / FragmentedChicken) discovered new YouTube playback controls. In his experience, the swipe search feature is available to users in the latest beta of YouTube app 16.31.34 for Android. 

Some users have stated that this feature will also be available on iOS devices. This feature seems to be able to reach users from different accounts. According to a Reddit post, users saw a “swipe left or right to search” banner at the top of the screen by dragging and holding gestures. 

This feature is activated by hovering the mouse cursor over any part of the video screen and swiping left or right to move forward and backward. YouTube also displays small thumbnails of missed content so you can easily navigate to the section of content you want. 

The usual way to rewind or skip parts of a YouTube video is slightly different. Users can use the swipe search feature by first tapping the screen and then tapping the progress bar. When enabled and displayed, the user can drag the red dot to the desired location. 

Google’s video streaming service also allows users to skip content in 10 seconds by clicking on the left or right side of the video player. New gestures are more intuitive and make it easier to control YouTube video playback.

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