Windows 11 to new design Snipping Tool, Calculator, Mail, and Calendar Apps, Microsoft Reveal

Microsoft is poised to improve the built-in Windows 11 apps. The tech giant has begun testing its updated Snipping Tool, calculator, email, and calendar with Windows Insiders in its development channel. Some programs have gotten more polished with the new look and feel of Windows 11, while others have undergone significant changes. 

The Snipping Tool, for example, replaces the traditional Snipping tool and Snipping & Sketch and provides an updated screen capture experience in Windows. 11. Dave Grohotzky, Senior Program Manager for Windows Applications Inbox, announced the introduction of the recently updated Windows Application on his blog

Here is a first look at the new #Windows11 Snipping Tool. Coming to #WindowsInsiders soon! Great work from the team #pumped

— Panos Panay (@panos_panay) August 4, 2021

The new Snipping Tool for Windows 11 includes new images. Includes additional features such as the WIN + SHIFT + S Snip & Sketch keyboard shortcut and more extensive editing. There is also a new settings page where you can take screenshots using the WIN + SHIFT + S keyboard shortcut. 

When you take a screenshot, the Snapshot menu displays options such as Rectangular Snapshot, Freeform Snapshot, Window Snapshot, and Full Screen Snapshot. The new Cut tool provides improved note editing tools and cropping capabilities. The Snipping Tool also syncs with Windows themes. 

Therefore, when dark mode is enabled, the app will also appear in a gray area. The calculator program has also been redesigned in Windows 11 to keep it in sync with the theme. .. According to Microsoft, the computer was rewritten in C # to allow more people to contribute to GitHub. 

Computer applications have programming modes that provide the necessary functionality for programming and development. You can also convert between 100+ units and currencies. Finally, the email program and calendar have also been updated with a new visual style. Rounded corners and other adjustments to match the new design of Windows 11. Mail and Calendar can reflect Windows themes like any other program.

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