Twitter now allows users to sign in and out of their Google account, their Apple ID

Twitter makes it easy to connect and sign up for microblogging platforms. Users can now log in/sign in directly using their Apple ID or Google account. Previously, Twitter was testing new login/registration options on the platform. New users can now sign in with their Apple or Google accounts, but existing users need to make sure their Twitter email matches their Apple ID/Google account. 

Twitter Support Twitterati can use their Apple or Google account to sign up or log in to the microblogging platform. The latter works for apps and the web, but the old Apple ID currently only works for iOS devices. According to Twitter, the Apple account sign-in feature will soon be available on the web version, but it will be used by Android users, and the Google account sign-in feature will be available for Android, iOS, and Android apps. say it will be possible, it works It’s not just web browsers. 

The registration process is also simple as you do not need to enter your email address, password, username, or category. User category options are automatically suggested to new users on Twitter. Currently, this process allows new users to select a language, sync their contacts with their smartphone, and find and interact with existing users on the platform. Twitter’s support page states that users can delete their Apple or Google accounts, but this is currently limited to web users only.

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