Telegram updates allow up to 1000 viewers to make group video calls, update video messages, and share audio pages

The new Telegram update significantly increases the number of people who can join group calls. The secure messaging platform accepts up to 1000 viewers in a single video call and is reliable across 30 stations. This update provides the following new features. For example, users can use voice access to their screen during any video call, including video calls. Tuesday. mobile phone. 

Telegram has also improved the way users send video messages using video content. However, Telegram has added some great tricks to its Android and iOS apps: B. Screen Sharing to Increase Interaction. One of the main features of Telegram is the ability to make video calls with up to 1000 viewers. As seen in the previous instant messaging update, the number of video streams is still 30. 

The company said in a blog post that it is working to reduce the number of people who can participate in group video calls and reduce additional restrictions. “To start a group video call, go to the About Group Admins page (for Android), talk via voice chat, and then play the video,” the blog post explains. Telegram also has a video messaging function. 

For higher resolutions, users can also click on the video message to enlarge it. When you fast forward or rewind a video message, the audio from the device continues to play and is recorded as the video message. Users can also use the finger zoom function when recording video messages from the rear camera. 

Users can now choose the speed at which they want to watch the video. Telegram adds support for video playback speeds of 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. Android and iOS users can change the video playback speed by clicking the three-dot icon in full-screen mode.

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