Realme GT Master Edition supports MagDart magnetic wireless charging. In case of image leaks, we recommend

Realme GT Master Edition can support MagDart magnetic wireless charging technology. The Chinese supplier has not confirmed the development, but several photos showing the prototype of the Realme GT Master Edition with MagDart charger are available online. Photo shows a phone with a 15W MagDart charger and spare MagDart battery. 

Realme announced Apple’s MagDart technology for MagSafe earlier this month. Requires up to 50W wireless charging. One of the leaked images shows a prototype with a MagDart power supply on the back, and two show a phone with a 15W MagDart drive charger. 

Realme unveiled the Realme Flash concept phone earlier this month, showcasing the charging capabilities of its MagDart accessory. However, the company did not comment on whether its proprietary charging technology will be available in commercial devices. To preserve the leaked images, the RealmeMagDart benchmark appears to have been tested with the Realme GT Master Edition. 

The Realme GT Master Edition was announced alongside the Realme GT Explorer Master Edition in July, but there were no official details at launch that would lead to the conclusion that the phone will support fast charging technology. 

At the time, Realme announced that both the Realme GT Master Edition and the Realme GT Explorer Master Edition support 65W fast wired charging. The company has not tested whether any of the models will charge wirelessly.

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