Norton is preparing to acquire a cybersecurity competitor for more than $ 8 billion

American cybersecurity giant NortonLifeLock has acquired its Czech rival Avast for more than $ 8 billion to launch a large consumer business, announced Wednesday following the outbreak of the pandemic. Approximately $ 58.4 billion), “This is an important step forward in consumer cybersecurity that will ultimately realize our vision of protecting people and enabling them to safely reach their digital lives,” said Vincent.

 In a joint statement, CEO Norton Pallett. Avast CEO Vlcek, based in London, said the alliance will provide “enhanced solutions and services with enhanced capabilities” as global cyber threats grow. .. more than 500 million users will benefit from this new group of security products. Pilatus became CEO of the expanded group, and Vlchek became president of NortonLifeLock and a member of the board of directors of NortonLifeLock. 

The NASDAQ registered company will have two headquarters in Prague, Arizona, and Tempe. Companies around the world are threatened by digital hostage-taking or increasingly lucrative ransomware attacks, where hackers routinely steal victim data and launch massive ransomware attacks against U.S. technology companies. 

In July, Kaseya met with business representatives, from pharmacies to gas stations, in at least 17 countries. Kaseya is not well known, but analysts say the software is used by about 40,000 companies and is a good target because hackers can disable multiple companies at the same time. 

“The vision is to work with NortonLifeLock to accelerate end-to-end cybersecurity for consumers around the world at a time when global cyber threats are on the rise but cybersecurity penetration is very low. We will speed up the process, ”Vlchekel added on Wednesday. U.S. cybersecurity officials said last week that Amazon, Google, and Microsoft

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