iPhone users complained that the service network is okay after the iOS 14.1 update

Some iPhone users complained about “no service” issues after upgrading to iOS 14. The iOS update released at the end of last month should fix Apple Watch unlock errors and day 0 vulnerabilities. The Apple Forum reported that after installing the iOS 14.1 update, their iPhone models had network coverage issues. This problem does not seem to be limited to any specific model, and it seems to affect people who use old phones, including iPhone 6s and iPhone 7s as new phones.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. The affected users did not submit any service complaints in the Apple Community Forum. Some of them also reported the same problem on the Apple Developer Forum. iPhone 7 replied to the original forum post, confirming that the issue also affected their phones. Initially, 9to5Mac noticed user complaints.

Apple has created a support page specifically for users who usually do not have service or search issues on iPhone or iPad (cellular networks). This page advises users to restart their devices, check for updated carrier settings, and reset network settings if other suggestions don’t work. Some affected users stated that they tried to follow Apple’s advice on their support page, but failed.

“I have tried all the troubleshooting steps, but I still can’t get [iPhone] to work,” one user said in a post on the Apple Developer Forum. Some users also pointed out in the 9to5Mac article that even with the latest iPhone, they still have network problems: iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro, priced at £63,499. In iOS 14. 1, Apple fixed an issue where Touch ID on iPhone would prevent you from unlocking Apple Watch when iPhone unlocking is enabled.

The Indian government also urges users to update their iPhone’s zero-day vulnerability. However, it seems that the iOS 14.1 update fixes some of the above problems, but introduces an annoying web expert. m is multiple users. “After I updated my £50,999 iPhone 11 to iOS 14 (sic).1. I lost my signal. No carrier was found,” an affected user wrote on the company’s community forum.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time Apple has released a new public version of iOS that has caused problems for some users. iPhone users are upgrading to Serious battery consumption issues were reported after iOS 14.6, and some iPhone users also complained about similar battery failures. iOS 14.2 was installed in December.

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