Information Technology Minister Ashwini Weishnau may meet with social media representatives following a Twitter deadlock this month

Trade Union Minister Ashwini Weishnau will meet with representatives of social media this month, a source said on Monday. Under the new IT law, microblogging platforms have lost their role as intermediaries and are responsible for user-generated content. 

The initial written statement from the central government, submitted to the Delhi Supreme Court, is fully in line with the 2021 TI rules, although all major social media moderators (SSRIs) are allowed for three months. The new compliance deadline is May 26, 2021. 

The Indian government has asked the Supreme Court to transfer all claims questioning the constitutionality of the Information Technology (IT) Rules 2021 from a higher court to a higher court. … On July 28, the Delhi Supreme Court recalled Twitter for not complying with recently changed IT rules, complained about Twitter’s affidavit, and issued an improved affidavit detailing who filed it. applicant. 

“I’m serious?” Judge Design Farley criticized him after listening to the company’s statement on Twitter. This is your last chance to receive a written statement that is better than your previous court order. 

Courts must provide a statement from the designated Chief Compliance Officer and such officer, as well as clear information on why and when a Node Liaison Officer was not previously appointed. They say. The case was postponed until August 6 due to a new trial. Submitting and providing information on Twitter.

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