Improved Twitter instant messaging: Tweets are easier to share with others, and navigation has been improved

Twitter announced several changes to the instant messaging system in the coming weeks. The microblogging platform announced that developments can now be shared through their official accounts, and users can tweet or send up to 20 individual conversations. Other changes and improvements include a quick scroll button, a new action for adding replies, and grouping messages. 

All of these features have been added to iOS, and some are coming to Android users soon. If you’ve always wanted to chat privately with multiple people on Twitter, the only way to create groups and post to groups is to let everyone see each other’s replies. Twitter users can now select up to 20 individual contacts and send them the same direct mail as separate chats. 

This feature will be rolled out to iOS and the web, with Android support coming soon. Twitter shared the development in a series of tweets. DM has been further enhanced to provide Android and iOS users with a better message viewing experience with a quick navigation button that takes you directly to the last message. 

In addition to double-clicking on the reply, Twitter also added a long-press action to open a menu with the option to add a comment. You will see a response selector that you can use to search for other responses to a specific post. This feature is currently only available on iOS. 

Finally, Twitter announced that grouping posts by date reduces timestamp clutter and makes it easier to navigate conversations. This feature is currently only available on iOS. Not all iOS and Android users will notice this change on the first launch. You will be able to see this in a few weeks.

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