Google Titan dongle for NFC two-factor authentication released: price, specifications

Google Titan Security Dongle offers a new version with USB Type-A and USB-Type-C ports. Both security keys accept Near Field Communication (NFC) connections. That way, you can connect to “most mobile devices,” Google says. 

Older Titan USB Type-C security dongles do not support NFC connectivity. The Titan Security Key was first introduced in 2018 and is designed to help users fight phishing attacks and provides external two-factor authentication (2FA) for multiple online accounts.

Google Titan dongle prices

The Google Titan dongle is available for purchase in the Google Online Store from August 10th. USB Type-A + NFC security key – $ 30, USB Type-C + NFC security key – $ 35. The new dongle was announced on the Google Security blog

It’s worth noting that the current NFC-enabled Type A USB dongle retails for $ 25. Currently, the USB Type-C dongle does not support NFC and costs $ 40 (about Rs 3,000).

What the Google Titan Security Key Does 

The two updated versions of the Titan Security Key now include NFC, making it easier for users to choose the security key that best suits their needs. Google said, “Since NFC is currently supported on a large number of Android phones and iPhone models, we have focused on the simpler and more accessible NFC function by removing the Titan Bluetooth security lock.” 

However, Google confirms its warranty for the 2018 Titan Bluetooth adapter and will continue to work with Bluetooth and NFC compatible devices. Google also states that users of iPad models with a Lightning port will need a USB Type-A + NFC security dongle with a Lightning port adapter. 

Security of users whose accounts can be hacked. The Google Titan dongle protects your Google Account and third-party FIDO-compliant apps and services. According to the Google Titan support page, this security key is compatible with Android smartphones running Android 5 or later and the latest version of Google Play services. 

Compatibility with Titan Security Key for iPhone and iPad models requires iOS 13.3 or later. To work with security keys on your computer, you need a supported USB port and the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers that support W3C web authentication.

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