Crypto Ghosts are rumored to be part of Lionel Messi’s welcome package at Paris Saint-Germain

The transfer of Argentine football star Lionel Messi to the French club PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) involves the payment of tokens by cryptocurrency fans. On Tuesday, he signed two-year contracts with Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain and offered a three-year option. Powered by, a fan club token provider. 

The club did not disclose the percentage of the deal, including the signature, but said it was “the majority.” The full financial package was also not disclosed. Fan Token is a type of cryptocurrency that allows owners to vote on small decisions regarding their club. Clubs to be signed this year include Premier League champions Manchester City and Italy’s Milan. 

They also have a sharp upward trend in prices with other cryptocurrencies, and some financial regulators have warned investors. Bitcoin price in India is rupees. On August 12 15:20, 34:84 Raku, PSG reported that after reports of Messi’s transfer to the club, a massive exchange of fans’ tokens took place. 

The busy summer period of the transfer has sharply increased interest in the PSG Fan Token, which cost $ 1.2 billion a few days before the transfer. “With a market cap of around $ 52 million, PSG token has grown more than 130% in just five days amid rumors of Messi’s arrival. These were the last 10 percent of the drug.

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