Announced a subscription service based on Pearson applications + e-textbooks

Pearson, one of the leading textbook publishers in the United States, announced the creation of an e-textbook subscription service called Pearson +. Users can use the subscription services through the Pearson + program. It will be released this fall on US campuses and will be released worldwide. Pearson + is available for mobile and desktop and offers two different pricing plans with different benefits. 

Pearson said the service “will revolutionize the way students access and study textbooks.” Last weekend, Pearson announced Pearson + Services, which is essentially a digital textbook (or eText from Pearson) subscription plan. Like OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime Video, Pearson + pays you monthly to digitally access your book library. 

There are two levels, single and higher, costing $ 9.99 per month (roughly Rs 750) and $ 14.99 (roughly Rs 10,000) per month. You can access one Pearson e-tutorial at a time. Several levels give you access to a complete library of over 1500 electronic texts. The Pearson + app gives you access to all your books on your mobile or desktop device, including flashcards and note-taking features. , discounts for training and education. 

The app also includes an eText audio version and an audio player for offline access. You can also customize the font and background. In addition, student support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This app is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The Pearson + program will be offered at US universities this fall and is expected to be offered globally in the future. 

Publishers say that with the Pearson + app and subscription service, their carbon footprint is only 20% of the emissions of traditional print textbooks. The editors also add that Pearson + will receive additional features as it learns more about student needs and preferences.

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