The Battlegrounds Mobile India update includes a mission mode, new weapons, and changes to the rake system

Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon receive the July 2021 update, which will bring many improvements and new features to the game. Its developer, Krafton, shared some of the changes to the Battle Royale game through a video on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel. There will be a new weapon: a light machine gun (LMG) called MG3. Healing consumables will now drop items. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India will also have a limited-time mission ignition mode, which will bring some changes to the Erangel map. The patch notes preview video shared on the Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel explains the main changes brought by the July 2021 update. The M249 LMG will not be part of the supplies but will be provided as a standard weapon on the ground. 

As part of the decline in supply, a new LMG called MG3 was added. It has only one slot for the scope accessories, but it offers a choice of 7.62 ammunition at 660 rpm and 990 rpm. Healing consumables will be throwable items added to the track slot. Just choose and throw like a grenade. The ranking system of Battlegrounds Mobile India will also change. Two new levels named Ace Master and Ace Dominator will be added between Ace and Conqueror. 

The signs of each level will also change. There will be a new challenge points system where players can lose ranking points for reckless games. Seasonal rewards will bring better items after the July 2021 update. The Royale Pass cycle will change from every two months to one month. The Erangel map will have a new mode called Mission Ignition, which will include six new high-tech locations that will replace certain areas of the map. 

In this limited-time mode, the city names in Battlegrounds Mobile India will be rendered in 3D when they land on the ground. You can use the automatic placement function to reach a fixed location. Hyperlink train system will be added to the map, with stations scattered throughout the map. It will have a predetermined route and a specific timetable. The update also adds a semi-trailer with a fixed route and drops a supply box when destroyed. 

As part of the Mission Ignition mode, Battlegrounds Mobile India will get a new two-person vehicle called the G-38 Gravity Free motorcycle. It hovered on the ground and can also travel on water. The air transporter will eject the player into the air, and then they can land in different locations. There will be a new pistol called ASM Abakan, using 5.56 ammunition. Gasoline dogs can now be activated in certain locations and will mark the location of rear and high-end items. 

The July 2021 update also brings more features. Game settings will change, allowing players to adjust the sensitivity of each weapon. Devices that support it will have a new 90 FPS option, as well as a new basic graphics setting option for low-power devices. As part of the July update, Battlegrounds Mobile India will make some other adjustments and changes.

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