Revolt Motors will replace the RV300 e-bike with an RV1 model at an affordable price

The new Revolt RV1 electric bike is expected to go into production early next year. An exact release date has yet to be announced. New models from Revolt Motors are 100% localized.

Promoter Anjali Rattan told PTI that Rattan India’s Revolt Motors will launch a new electric bicycle model in the country that will eventually replace its RV 300 electric bike model. The price of the new RV1 electric motorcycle will be lower than the current models of electric car manufacturers, and it is expected to be put into production in January next year. Manesar, Haryana. 

Although the company has been importing parts and components from China to manufacture products, it is now trying to shift its focus entirely to Indian supplies. Currently, the Gurugram-based company sells RV 300 and RV 400 electric bicycles in the Indian market. “Over time, we will phase out the RV 300 model. 

Instead, we will launch a new model RV1 at a lower price,” Rattan said. “Rattan quoted a McKinsey report saying that the Indian two-wheeled electric vehicle market is expected to become a 50,000 rupees market. By 2025, sales of 5 million vehicles will reach crores every year. 

With the support of the government and FAME II incentives and other policies, the consumption tax for electric bicycles is 5%, while the consumption tax for fossil fuel bicycles is 28%. She believes that electric two-wheelers have become quite affordable in the rattan area. Revolt Motors’ electric bicycles are in great demand, and the company’s goal is to produce 500,000 electric bicycles a year in the next five years. 

The company’s RV 400 electric bicycle sold out within a few minutes after the start of the second round. Pre-ordered in mid-July, similarly, its electric bicycles were sold out within two hours after opening. The first round of bookings took place in June. 

The company announced on Sunday that Domino’s Pizza will acquire all of its existing inventory of RV 300 electric bicycles and convert its entire fossil fuel bicycle fleet into electric bicycles.

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