Realme Pad has been confirmed on an IMDA certified website and camera specs have been known to have leaked

The Realme Pad is said to be listed on the Singapore IMDA certified website. The exact name is not in the list of devices, but it says “Realme Tablet with WCDMA, LTE, WIFI, BT, GPS”. Realme previously announced a new tablet and asked for their favorite Twitter usernames. 

The RealmePad is rumored to have a slim profile and sharp edges, similar to the iPad Pro design. Meanwhile, insiders have leaked important information about the camera’s specifications. The IMDA Realme Road listing was first posted on Twitter by insider Mukul Sharma. 

This means that the model number of the next tablet is RMP2102. Sharma has also leaked the main specs of the front and rear cameras of the Realme tablet. The two cameras are similar and have a 1 / 3.6-inch 8-megapixel sensor with f / 2.8 aperture. The lens must have a 2.8mm focal length, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), and a 65.3-degree field of view. 

Both cameras must capture images with a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Realme Road hit the news last month when it launched on the Realme GT 5G. Rumor has it that this tablet has a design similar to the iPad Pro, with a thin profile and sharp edges. The photo is believed to have leaked, causing minor damage to the camera. 

Earlier this year, Realme’s head of marketing, Francis Wong, mocked the tablet’s image to show its thin side. He asked fans on Twitter what the new Realme tablet is called: RealmePad or RealmeTab. The Realme tab received the most votes at the time, but this may change with the release of Realme.

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