Pegasus Spyware-Telegram founder Pavel Durov said he had known about the attacks since 2018

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has learned that one of his phone numbers has been registered since at least 2018 when he was on the list of people targeting the governments of NSO Group clients using Pegasus spyware. List of possible directions. .. 36-year-old A. adds that he is not worried because he used to think that his cell phone is dangerous since 2011. 

Durov continues to live in his native Russia. In a long post for the Telegram channel, Durov added that these government surveillance tools can hack iOS or Android smartphones, and there is no way to protect the devices. “It doesn’t matter which application you use, because the system is compromised at a deeper level,” he said. 

He said 2013 was exposed by Edward Snowden, a former CIA subcontractor who leaked classified information from the NSA, Google, and Apple. Durov added that his involvement would force the tech giant to implement a backdoor into its mobile operating system. The backdoor gives US agents access to their smartphones and related information, he said. 

Another major problem with these backdoors, Durov said, is that they are not intended for any particular party and can be used by anyone. “So if US security services can turn on iOS or Android phones, other organizations can do the same,” he said. According to the founder of Telegram, this is exactly what the Israeli group NSO is doing. 

Thousands of cell phones are known to sell access to spy tools that can intercept tens of thousands of cell phones. Doulos claims that the one who hacked the phone is “absolutely disappointed”, but claims that this tracking tool is also used by people much more famous than himself. It then reveals that the tool was used to spy on you.

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