Nvidia is giving healthcare researchers access to the $ 100 million Cambridge-1 supercomputer

Nvidia said on Wednesday that it has opened up what it claims to be the fastest supercomputer in the UK to external researchers including academic scientists and commercial companies such as AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline. The chip supplier spent approximately US$100 million (approximately 7.5 billion rupees) on its Cambridge. -1, it uses artificial intelligence to solve health research problems, and it was announced in October. 

Taking AstraZeneca as an example, the system will learn about 1 billion compounds represented by character sets, which can be assembled into sentence-like structures. “They can use technology to customize molecules for things that are important to them, such as binding proteins or making them safe for human consumption,” Kimberly Powell, vice president, and general manager of Nvidia’s healthcare business said in an interview. 

King’s College London and a department of the British National Health Service will also use the system, because this move is NVIDIA’s efforts to complete its $40 billion acquisition (approximately 299.2 billion) from Japan’s SoftBank Arm. The UK antitrust regulator is weighing the deal, which will transfer the ownership of a crown technology gem in the country from one foreign entity to another. 

In addition to this transaction, Nvidia also said that it also plans to establish a supercomputing center in the UK. Powell said that Cambridge-1’s target users are researchers who have used smaller Nvidia-based systems for research. Nvidia said it provides free use of the system and will use the knowledge it learns from running the system to improve its future specific healthcare products.

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