Google Play Store update for WearOS 3.0 with redesigned UI: Report

According to reports, the Google Play store received the Wear OS 3.0 update before the official release. This update brings a new design to the user interface (UI) of the App Market in smartwatches running the new Google operating system. Google announced Wear OS 3.0 at the Google I/O conference in May and said it will develop in cooperation with Samsung. 

It seems that the update is now rolling out to specific users, and it may take time to roll out more widely to all Wear OS smartwatches. u / alehel’s post on Reddit shows that the Google Play store for Suunto SmartWatch 7 has a redesigned user interface. Reddit posts were first detected by 9to5Google. The new user interface now displays items on pill-shaped cards, making the application list more compact. 

These cards have a contrasting gray on a black background, making them clearer. The redesign also changed the search card color from green to white. It still retains the old method of listing applications, with your logo on the left, your name, and stars below. The My Apps update page has also undergone the same redesign. WearOS underwent the latest redesign in November 2019. 

The operating system of the smartwatch has undergone a design renovation and some adjustments. The redesign brought the My Apps, Account, and Settings section to the bottom of the homepage instead of hidden drop-down menus. Except for the darker background, the rest of the Google Play Store UI has not changed much. Google announced at the Google I/O event in May that it is cooperating with Samsung. 

This move means that Samsung will use Google’s Wear operating system on its upcoming Galaxy smartwatches and abandon the Tizen platform. The merger of Google and Samsung is expected to bring fierce competition to Apple, which has always been the dominant force in the smartwatch market.

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