BRI Life Probe Indonesia reported the loss of personal information of over 2 million users

BRI Life, the insurance arm of the People’s Bank of Indonesia (BRI), said on Tuesday that it was investigating allegations that the personal data of its more than 2 million customers were advertised and sold by unidentified hackers. The company told Reuters that it had found evidence that several computers belonging to BRI and BRI Life employees were compromised. “We are checking with the team and will provide an update as soon as the investigation is completed,” said Iwan, CEO of BRI Life. 

Pasila said in a text message that “Belt and Road” Life said in a subsequent statement that its investigation is being conducted with an independent team specializing in cybersecurity to conduct digital tracking and take necessary measures to improve the protection of policyholders. Data protection. 

The company secretary stated that the company is making every effort to protect the data of its policyholders, adding that the company has never provided personal data to any “irresponsible party”. On Tuesday, in a post on the RaidForums website, an anonymous user stated that they are selling a compilation of user data from more than 2 million “Belt and Road” lifestyle customers for US$7,000 (approximately Rs 520,000). 460,000 documents. 

The post is also accompanied by a 30-minute file video, which includes bank account details, as well as a copy of Indonesian ID and taxpayer details. “We identified multiple compromised computers of employees of BRI Life and Bank Rakyat Indonesia, which may have helped hackers gain initial access to the company,” Hudson Locke said in a statement.

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