YouTube no longer displays ads about gambling, alcohol, and politics in the headline


YouTube updated its title content requirements on June 14. Gambling, alcohol, politics or “prescription drug terms” were added to the “prohibited” category. YouTube said that this change is based on its move last year to remove all all-day banner ads.

YouTube Alphabet announced on Monday that the coveted stamp at the top of its home page will no longer accept political or campaign ads, as well as ads for alcohol, gambling, or prescription drugs. According to Reuters, the change is based on the intention to remove round-the-clock advertising from yesterday. 

He said he canceled the meeting for the day and replaced it with a more specific format because then-President Donald Trump checked his homepage on election day 2020. A Google spokesman said in an email that “advertising requirements are regularly reviewed to ensure that the needs of advertisers and users are balanced.” 

“We believe this update builds on changes to last year’s headline discussion process and will improve the user experience,” they added. Google said that due to the major ad unit change first reported by Axios, political ads were suspended around the time of the US presidential election and before Cho took office. Please see our delicate events policy for January of this year and pray.

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