The low-cost Jio Phone Next 4G smartphone released on RIL AGM 2021: all the details

Working with leading global partners to develop a full range of 5G-capable devices: 

To develop the end-to-end 5G ecosystem we are now working with leading global partners to develop a full range of 5G-capable devices. The Jio 5G technology is well-positioned to make compelling applications for consumers and enterprises spanning Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Retail, and other key verticals of the economy.

RIL CMD Mukesh Ambani: alongside our partners, we’ve tested the JIO 5G solutions in India, and that we successfully demonstrated speeds well in more than 1 GBPS. Our ‘Made in India’ solution is comprehensive, complete, and globally competitive. It reaffirms my faith in the abundant talent of Indian engineers to deliver world-class products in such cutting-edge technology.

Recently, we received the required regulatory approvals… also as a trial spectrum for initiating 5G field trials. As I speak to you, the whole 5G Standalone Network has been installed in our data centers across the state and also at our trial sites in Navi Mumbai. We are confident of being the primary to launch full-fledged 5G services. and since of our converged, future-proof architecture, JIO’s network is uniquely positioned to quickly and seamlessly upgrade from 4G to 5G.

JioFiber has become the largest, fastest-growing fixed broadband operator in India

JioFiber has acquired over 2 million new premises over the past year. With a cumulative base of three million active home and business users, JioFiber has become the most important and therefore the fastest-growing fixed broadband operator in India: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani.

Jio is uniquely positioned to quickly and seamlessly upgrade to 5G. To develop a 5G ecosystem, we are working with global partners to develop a variety of 5G devices. Jio isn’t just working to form the Indian 2G market but also 5G-yurt: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani.

Google & Jio team For JioPhone Next:

I am pleased to announce that Google and Jio teams have jointly developed a very breakthrough smartphone – JIOPHONE NEXT. it’s a fully-featured smartphone supporting the whole suite of applications from both Google and Jio: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani.

JIOPHONE NEXT is powered by an optimized version of Android OS jointly developed by Jio and Google. it’s ultra-affordable and packs cutting-edge features. it’ll be available within the market from Ganesh Chaturthi, 10th September: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance To Commits Big On Green Energy:

We are in 2021 launching our new energy business with the aim of bridging the green energy divide in India and globally. and that we will roll in the hay — as we’ve always done — by getting our First Principles right.

  • First through Hyper-Integration: By integrating knowledge domain with continuous technological innovation to create and operate truly integrated systems that deliver hyper-performance;
  • Second with a strong business model: By building a model that catches the irreversible upward curve within the demand for green, clean and renewable energy in India and globally; and therefore the downward curve within the cost of their production;
  • Third by Scale: By improving the efficiency, performance, and life-cycle of our assets and operations to realize total system optimization and economics.

I have little question that world-class talent is going to be the foremost critical resource for this new business. we’ve begun the method of attracting the simplest talent from across the planet and put into place various key initiatives.

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