Scientists say that the phone in your pocket can wirelessly charge the smart watch on your wrist


Researchers in Singapore say they have found a way to charge devices worn by people who come into contact with the human body as a way to transmit energy wirelessly. They say their technology draws energy from a source, they say a cell phone in a person’s pocket and transfer it to other devices that the person uses. 

The team from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National University of Singapore (NUS) stated that they developed this technology to solve the problem of body shadows encountered by wireless charging systems in small indoor areas. Each receiver and transmitter in the human body contains a chip that serves as a springboard to extend the coverage to the entire body. 

The user must put the transmitter on a single power source, such as a smartwatch on the wrist, and the system uses the power from the power source to charge multiple wearable devices through a process called body-coupled power transmission. Users only need to charge one device, and then the device will simultaneously power the rest of the devices they use from the single power source. system. 

In a study published in the journal Nature Electronics, the researchers stated that currently available methods cannot provide sustainable energy to charge human wearable devices, adding that they did not try to prevent obstacles (human body). Send electric charge around, but use it as a pipeline to collect and transmit energy. 

Researchers are also looking for ways to get energy from the environment. In a typical home or office environment, people are exposed to electromagnetic waves most of the time, such as from a running laptop or other similar equipment. 

The device approach allows the body to collect this energy to power wearable devices regardless of their location on the human body. This may mean that you can charge your watch just by wearing it for a day without having to turn on all the small devices. You are uploading separately.

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