Norton Crypto allows you to mine ether in the Norton 360 antivirus program, which brings a cloud-based wallet system

Norton Crypto
Norton Crypto

Norton Crypto is a new feature added to Norton 360 that allows users to mine Ether cryptocurrency. Users who have registered for the Norton 360 Early Adoption Program can use this feature. NortonLifeLock, the company behind the popular antivirus software, claims that Norton Crypto will allow consumers to “safely and easily mine encryption” on demand. Mainstream. 

Cryptocurrency mining has its risks because it requires the installation of third-party applications that are at risk of malware or applications that execute malicious code. NortonLifeLock shared through a press release that Norton cryptocurrency will be provided to users who sign up for Norton 360’s early adoption plan. This feature comes with its own wallet system where users can track and transfer their income.

NortonLifeLock said that the profits of these stores are kept in the cloud, which protects them from hard drive failures. The idea behind adding cryptocurrency mining tools to antivirus programs is to allow customers to run digital coin mining without having to disable their security. software. This may cause unwanted code to be executed on the user’s system for the purpose of sharing profits or planting ransomware. 

In their report, Bleeping Computer pointed out that it is not clear whether Norton Crypto runs independently for users or has a group. A system that gathers all Norton Crypto user resources. If the latter, Norton may charge fees based on income. “As the crypto economy continues to become a more important part of our customers’ lives, we want to enable them to mine cryptocurrency through Norton, the brand they trust. 

Norton Crypto is another groundbreaking example of how we can expand our network security platform To protect the evolving digital life of our customers,” NortonLifeLock CEO Vincent Pilette said in a press release. There is no mention of any other mining cryptocurrencies. You can let your customers do this in “just a few clicks.” 

Although Norton Crypto is only available to users who sign up for the early adoption program, it is expected to be available to all Norton 360 customers in the coming weeks. Users may need certain PC hardware to use Norton Crypto. At the time of writing, the price of Ether in India exceeds Rs. 2.06 lakhs.

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