Nearly a year after the government banned the Mi Community app, Poco Community was launched in India

POCO Community App

Poco launched a community application called Poco Community in India. Poco parted ways with Xiaomi last year. The company stated that the new platform aims to gather fans who advocate the Poco brand under one roof to get their feedback on the ongoing development. Interestingly, the Poco community was launched almost a year after the government banned Xiaomi’s Mi community in the country. 

It is one of 59 applications that were banned in India last year. In order to activate the Poco community, Poco India has begun accepting applications for the country’s beta version access. The user is required to provide information such as full name, date of birth, and email ID. The brand also needs detailed information about the Twitter identifier, as well as the Facebook and Instagram accounts of people who wish to join its community. 

Tick tock, fam!

The time has come to open the doors for our avid fans, tech enthusiasts, and those who wish to be the founding members of #POCOCommunity.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of our community, apply now:

— POCO India – Register for Vaccine 💪🏿 (@IndiaPOCO) June 9, 2021

After submitting the details, Poco will ask some questions to understand the applicant’s understanding of the brand. However, the choice seems to be at the discretion of the brand. Poco did not provide any details on when the community forum will be launched for selected applicants. It is unclear whether the company will provide early access to its software updates or future announcements through its community, similar to what Xiaomi provides through its Mi community. 

Although it details the amazing separation from Xiaomi last year, it confirms that C Manmohan, manager of Poco India’s general Gadgets 360, plans to build a community similar to what Xiaomi had in the country before June last year. The community approach will help the brand spread its popularity among young smartphone consumers. 

This may be consistent with the way competitors, including Realme and OnePlus, promote their products through dedicated community forums. Xiaomi is one of the first companies to introduce a community forum management model and convert its loyal customer base into rice fans. 

However, the government directly affected this model by banning “My Community” in the country. Soon after the ban was issued, telecommunications companies and app stores restricted Indian users’ access to Xiaomi community apps. Due to restrictions, the Chinese company finally decided to disable the application.

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