NASA will send squid and water bear worms to the space station for experiments-everything you need to know

NASA will send squid and water bear worms

NASA will take the squid into space on a mission that may remind you of the HBO hit “Watchmen.” The space agency has decided to send 5,000 tardigrades or water bears and 128 luminous bobtail squids to the International Space Station (ISS) this month for research. They are part of the payload that SpaceX will launch on its Falcon 9 rocket. Researchers want to understand how water bears endure the stressful environment in space, and whether the lack of gravity affects the symbiosis (interdependence and coexistence) between squids. microorganism. 

SpaceX’s 22nd commercial refueling mission to the space station launched water bears, squid, and solar panels. NASA stated that water bear worms and squids are model organisms for studying the survival of organisms under extreme conditions.

In one episode, the watchman (comment) explores what life would be like under an alien squid attack. NASA said in a statement that the water bear is a tiny creature that can tolerate extreme environments more than most life forms, and it is a model creature for studying the survival of creatures under extreme conditions. The results can help to better understand the stressors affecting humans in space. The International Space Station has entered space since 1998.


Essentially a large spacecraft and a floating laboratory, it allows astronauts to stay in space for weeks or months to conduct microgravity experiments. “One of the things we are really interested in is to understand how first-class researcher Thomas Boothby said, how gentle slope creatures survive and reproduce in these environments, if we can understand the techniques they are using and protect them, To protect astronauts, humans, including humans, rely on microbes to maintain a healthy digestion and immune system, but it is still unclear how space flight affects these beneficial interactions. 

The squid experiment will help scientists understand whether space will change squid The symbiosis relationship between Vibrio fischeri The Space Center launched the 22nd refueling and cargo mission. It will carry new solar panels that will be installed outside the space station during the spacewalk with astronauts. Other experiments on the International Space Station include portable ultrasound examinations and analysis of how kidney stones form in space.

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