Compatibility with various WhatsApp devices may initially be limited to the web and desktop version


According to a report, it is expected that multi-device support for WhatsApp will first enter the beta version of the WhatsApp web, desktop, and portal clients before it will be launched for Android and iPhone users. It will allow instant messaging applications to test new developments on a small group of users before making them available to the general public. 

For some time, it has been a hot topic that WhatsApp supports multiple devices. WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed its existence in a conversation with the beta tracker earlier this month. WabetaInfo released a screenshot showing that WhatsApp has launched multi-device support for the web, desktop, and Facebook portals of WhatsApp in advance. 

The screenshot shows that after linking the account to the web, desktop, and portal, users no longer need to stay online on their phones. The WhatsApp beta tracker report also mentions that through multi-device compatibility, up to four additional devices can be used with one phone at a time. This means that the new product will allow users to connect up to five devices on WhatsApp at the same time, and users seem to be unable to communicate (or send messages or calls) with people who use the outdated version of WhatsApp on their phones. 

This means that both parties need the latest version of the application to enable multi-device support. This can cause problems for people who cannot get an updated version of WhatsApp on their device due to an outdated operating system. The screenshots shared by WABetaInfo also include the view that multi-device support will initially affect “performance and quality”. 

However, the initial shortcomings may be resolved over time. Presumably, WhatsApp will eventually allow users on its Android and iPhone devices to eventually enable multi-device support. This will broaden the scope of the new experience and make it suitable for people who want to stay connected on WhatsApp regardless of what device they are carrying. 

Earlier this month, Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg discussed multi-device support in an informed conversation with WABetaInfo. ., In other development processes. Executives suggested that it could make its debut in two months. However, since at least April 2020, there have been rumors of this experience.

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