As the office reopened, Facebook’s remote work became permanent work to help employees relocate to other countries/regions


After the closure of the year-long pandemic, Facebook recently started reopening its offices, but without benefits such as free food and daily transportation.

Facebook said on Wednesday that it will provide employees with the option of persisting in long-term remote work and even help some people who are interested in moving to other countries. Starting on June 15th, Facebook will allow any employee who can complete work remotely to request “We believe that the way we work is more important than where we work.” 

Facebook said it shared an update to its remote work policy. On the news agency. The best job of their career, while ensuring that employees have a consistent experience no matter where they are. “Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies turned to remote work at the beginning of the pandemic, relying on the Internet tools they created to complete their work. 

Mark Zuckerberg has already stated that he hopes that this leading social network will continue to switch to remote work. After the one-year pandemic was closed, the Internet plans to find employees who can work anywhere in the office, but there are no benefits such as free food and benefits. Commuting transportation. 

The implementation of vaccines and the improvement of health conditions are considered to gradually welcome employees to enter The reason for the abandoned campus. It will be flexible, but its guidance is that people are on-site at least half of the time. The leading social network said that most of its campuses in the United States are expected to reach 50% of its production capacity in early September. 

This headquarters is located The California company said that Asia and Asia are open. According to Facebook, the security agreement includes wearing masks and keeping working distance, as well as routine COVID-19 testing. The company said it will expand cross-border remote work to support people from the United States To Canada, and from other parts of Europe to the United Kingdom. 

Similar employee mix plans, and some companies such as Twitter have already told employees that they can work remotely indefinitely. According to reports, Apple is facing its employees’ heavy burdens. Resist the plan to return to the office. 

According to the technology news site The Verge, a week beginning in September, some Apple employees have signed a letter requesting more flexibility for employees who have been working remotely for more than a year. And Provide employees with a better work-life balance, while taking care of people with special needs and reducing the risk of infection.

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