Windows 10X has been officially cancelled, anWindows 10Xd Microsoft says its features will appear in other versions of Windows

Windows 10X
Windows 10X

Windows 10X has been officially phased out and Microsoft said it will use some of its features in the next version of Windows. A few days ago, there were reports that its resources had been transferred to other versions of Windows 10, and the official confirmation that Windows 10X was about to be canceled. 

Microsoft shared the development in a blog post about Windows 10 updates. Windows 10X is designed to run on dual-screen devices and foldable PCs and was originally planned for release in 2020. Last week, a report quoted people familiar with it. with the topic saying that Windows 10X will not be available this year and “may never come”. 

Instead, it is said that certain features of Windows 10X will gradually penetrate into Windows 10. Now, Microsoft has confirmed this with a Windows 10 21H1 feature update blog post. The company said that Windows 10X shouldn’t be limited to a subset of customers, because Windows 10X was originally intended to run on dual-screen, foldable PCs. 

Microsoft added that it has decided to use Windows 10X technology in more ways and serve more customers, which means it will integrate its features into other versions of Windows and Microsoft products. A subset of customers. Rather than bring in the Windows 10X product that we originally plan to ship in 2021, it’s better to learn from the process so far and accelerate the integration of key core 10X technologies into other parts of Windows and the company’s products, “says the blog post from Microsoft Some of these features have been implemented in Windows Insider Preview. 

Windows 10X was released in October 2019. It is a new operating system designed for dual-screen foldable devices. For example, it has been integrated into Microsoft Defender Application Guard’s new app container technology, improved voice typing experience, and modern touch keyboard. At the time, it was scheduled for release in 2020. In April of last year, Microsoft postponed the release of Windows 10X. 

Then, in May 2020, Microsoft announced that it would slightly change its plans for Windows 10X and will release it first for single-screen devices. The operating system designed to compete with Google’s Chrome operating system has now been completely canceled.

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