WhatsApp competitors said that Telegram saw almost 1,200% growth before the privacy policy deadline

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According to the report, WhatsApp rivals Signal and Telegram have grown nearly 1,200% ahead of the May 15 deadline for Facebook-owned instant messaging apps to accept controversial privacy policy updates. Although WhatsApp has recently rolled back and canceled its latest deadline, public outrage that began in January has helped its two shutdown options attract new users. 

Both Signal and Telegram took advantage of this anger and turned to social media platforms such as Twitter to oppose WhatsApp’s privacy policy. Alternative messaging apps have also improved their privacy benefits, outperforming WhatsApp. Sensor Tower, a mobile app analytics company, reported that the adoption rate for Signal and Telegram increased significantly in January. 

It was the first time it was discovered that WhatsApp had its updated privacy policy, allowing its parent company Facebook to gain access to user data from the messaging app. Originally, the update was supposed to be accepted by all users before February 8, but due to strong criticism from users, the deadline was subsequently revised to May 15. 

However, WhatsApp recently decided to cancel the deadline, and although the updated policy is still in effect, users who do not agree to it will experience functional limitations in the application. Sensor Tower claimed that Signal saw it in the first four months of the 2021 expiration date. 

The number of first downloads worldwide increased 1,192% year-on-year to 64.4 million, while Telegram installs increased 98% year-on-year to 161 million. This is different from global WhatsApp installs, which fell 43% year-on-year to 172.3 million during the January-April period. 

The number of signal installations in January increased by 5,001% year-on-year to 50.6 million from 992,000 in the same month last year. However, the number of installs was down 86% month-on-month to just under 7 million. “Although the number of installs has been declining every month since the January peak, Signal has maintained steady year-over-year growth every month,” the company said. According to Sensor Tower data, Signal had 2.8 million global downloads in April. 

It’s more than double the 1.3 million downloads reported in April 2020. Like Signal, Telegram’s downloads increased from 16.6 million year-on-year by 283% to 63.5 million. However, the number of downloads of the app fell 3% year-on-year in April to 26.2 million, compared with almost 27 million in the same period last year. Data released by Sensor Tower shows that the download speed of Signal and Telegram slowed down shortly after. After an increase in January. 

However, these applications can still have problems with WhatsApp, which still leads the market for instant messaging platforms. Sensor Tower said that even before the privacy policy was updated, the number of WhatsApp app installs decreased in the early days of COVID-19. Last year’s pandemic. 

In April 2020, global WhatsApp installs fell 28% from 76.5 million in March to 55.2 million. “The drop in installs throughout 2020 may be due to potential new users, eager to communicate with friends and family, choosing the desktop or web version of WhatsApp in the right place,” said Sensor Tower.

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