WhatsApp Chatbot can help seniors get the COVID-19 vaccine released by Robin Hood Army


WhatsApp has a new chatbot designed to help speed up the COVID-19 vaccination process of older people in India during the coronavirus pandemic. Zero-fund volunteer organization Robin Hood Army launched a WhatsApp chatbot on Wednesday, connecting older people with volunteers to help them get vaccinated. 

People who want to join the organization, share food scraps, or voluntarily help the elderly with the COVI-19 vaccine can also use the chatbot. Seniors should send “Hello” to “+ 91-8971966164” on WhatsApp and then reply to the corresponding message with “3” to attract volunteers to help them with the vaccination process. 

It is important to note that the Robin Hood Army currently only serves elderly people living alone, individuals can also communicate through chatbots, voluntarily participate in COVID-19 vaccination activities or other humanitarian work carried out by the organization. You can also choose to share excess food with those in need. 

The chatbot was developed by the artificial intelligence company Yellow Messenger. “We are excited to launch the #SeniorPatrol campaign on WhatsApp to help older people get vaccinated,” Robin Hood Army founder Neel Ghose said in a statement.” We believe this campaign will particularly break down the barriers to vaccination among the elderly. 

Now they can easily seek help through simple messages on WhatsApp.” Robin Hood Army volunteers are located in 186 cities in 21 states of India. The #SeniorPatrol campaign was launched during the extended lockdown period to help vulnerable older people get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

It is said to have helped thousands of older people in 155 cities register on the Cowin portal and visit vaccination centers to make appointments. Abhijit Bose, head of WhatsApp India, said:

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