US Pipeline Ransomware Attack: Joe Biden Said The Dark Side Of The Russian Group Behind The Colonial Pipeline Incident

ransomware attack

President Joe Biden said Monday that a Russian organization was behind the ransomware attack, which forced the closure of the largest pipeline in the eastern United States. Last year, he tried to crash the company’s computer systems and made it pay to unfreeze them. 

He said: “Biden told reporters. They are responsible for handling this matter.” Three days after the colony was forced to cease operations, the colony said Monday it was preparing to partially reopen its 5,500-mile (8,850-kilometer) pipeline. -Germany: the largest fuel network between Texas and New York. 

At the White House, Deputy National Security Counsel Elizabeth Sherwood Randall said that Biden is keeping up with the latest news of the incident, which may cause the obstruction of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel supplies throughout the eastern USA. The speed to reconnect is relatively fast. Sherwood-Randall said that so far, there has been no fuel outage.

The ransomware forced the company to shut down the pipeline control system for security reasons. DarkSide began targeting medium and large companies, mainly in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States last year. 

According to reports, the demand for funds can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars to hundreds Ten thousand dollars will be paid in Bitcoin. In their statement on the Darknet website, they rejected the allegations that they received official support. 

“We are apolitical, we do not participate in geopolitics and we do not need to connect with a clear government to find our other motives,” he said. “Our goal is to make money, not to cause problems for society.” Dmitri Alperovitch, one of the leading cybersecurity experts who co-founded CrowdStrik. 

His team believes that DarkSide is officially protected in Russia. “We believe that a ransomware organization operated by (and possibly hidden) in Russia has shut down a company that is transferring 45% of its oil supply to the East Coast. Is this a crime? Of course,” he said on Twitter. He said this has undoubtedly also had a “huge” impact on national security, especially in relations between the United States and Russia. 

Another cybersecurity expert, Emsisoft’s Brett Callow, told NBC News that the origin of the organization was that Callow told NBC: “Darkness does not eat in Russia.” Cyber ​​national security adviser Anne Noy Berger (Anne Neuberger) said that most of the ransomware, she said, the Biden administration did not make recommendations about it. 

Ask the colonial pipeline company or other companies if they should pay the ransom. They have to balance cost and benefit when they cannot choose to pay the ransom.” He said: “Usually this is the decision of the private sector.

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