UK unveils law to fine social media firms which fail to remove online abuse


The UK said on Wednesday that a planned new law would impose a fine of up to 10% of turnover or 18 million pounds (around Rs 1.87 billion) on social media companies, provided they do not eliminate racial discrimination, hate crimes, etc. online. 

Abuses and top managers can also express that the government has to face criminal prosecution. The “Online Safety Act” also aims to strengthen the right to freedom of expression and ensure the protection of democratic political debates and news content. The British people were wounded. If they don’t, they will face punishment. 

Priti Patel, Minister of the Interior, said. Tech companies are accused of doing little to address online abuse, soccer clubs and other sports authorities have boycotted the world. The largest social media platform highlighted last month This is a growing problem. The bill will give social media companies and websites a cautious responsibility to ensure they take swift action to remove illegal content. 

They can be hate crimes, harassment, and threats against people, including abuse below the criminal threshold. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate and limit the dissemination of terrorist material, suicide content, and child sexual abuse, which is what they need. Companies that fail to do so will face hefty fines from the regulator Ofcom, which can also prevent them from being dealt with. Access to the website. 

“The bill retains Ofcom’s reserved power to initiate criminal proceedings against the company’s top management for non-compliance. Please provide information in accordance with Ofcom’s request.” 

The government said. “If technology companies cannot comply with their new functions, these laws will be introduced. “The proposed law will also require companies to maintain freedom of expression and restore unfair disposal of materials. It will also prohibit tech companies from discriminating against certain political views. 

The government added that Ofcom will hold them responsible for arbitrarily removed news content.

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