Twitter stopped accepting verification request just over a week after the restart

After restarting the show on May 20, Twitter stopped receiving new verification requests after only one week. In just ten days, the company said it had received a large number of requests, prompting it to suspend new applications. The company said in a tweet that they are "merging" the verification requests received so far and will reopen them soon. 

Twitter will award a blue badge to verified accounts. He outlined the categories of persons eligible to apply when the verification process was restarted. Twitter is also committed to launching Twitter Blue, which is a paid subscription to the Weibo site, which will have some proprietary features. Twitter only started rolling out its new verification application process a week ago. The company explained in a tweet that they were temporarily suspending acceptance of new applications while reviewing submitted applications.

We’re rolling in verification requests. So we gotta hit pause on accepting any more for now while we review the ones that have been submitted.

We’ll reopen requests soon! (we pinky swear)

— Twitter Verified (@verified) May 28, 2021

When announcing the restart of the verification process, the company has stated that it will add a blue badge to verified personal data to help distinguish it from unverified personal data. The social media platform also outlines six types of accounts that are eligible to request verification. These include governments, companies, brands and organizations, news agencies and journalists, entertainment, sports and games, activists, organizers and other influencers. 

Twitter has partially confirmed Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service that the company will launch soon. Reverse engineering expert Jan Manchun Wong discovered paid services through in-app purchases in the list of apps in the Apple App Store. The public access date for Twitter Blue has not yet been announced. 

It is said that Twitter Blue brings many features, including the early “Undo Tweet” option and new color themes. The price of the service for one month is US$2.99 ​​(Rs 269 in India). However, it is currently not accessible through the Twitter application.

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