Twitter now alerts users when they reply in offensive language


Twitter is introducing messages that will let users know when strong language is used and allow them to see your tweets before posting them online. This new feature will be applicable to both Android and iOS users and users of social media platforms that use English. This feature will work when users post offensive comments, insulting or vulgar language that may be offensive or hurt someone. 

According to Twitter, the social media platform tested the feature in 2020. Twitter announced its new feature on its blog, explaining that the move is aimed at curbing online hatred among users. If the social media giant contains strong language that may provoke hatred or offend the platforms of others, it will provide users with the opportunity to modify their tweets. 

However, in its initial testing phase, users were unnecessarily solicited due to its algorithm. Twitter claims that it has now improved its algorithm to understand when users post offensive tweets and when they engage in friendly pranks. This includes the detection of inconsistent content. “The blog post noted. Twitter said that through the testing process when Twitter learned that there was a message, 34% of users modified the initial response or decided not to post the same response. 


After receiving the message once, people’s future offensive response A reduction of 11%. Also, when prompted, people received fewer and harmful responses. After the testing phase, Twitter will determine the relationship between the author and the responder, including their frequency of interaction. 

The social media giant will also modify its technology to better detect the use of vulgar language. Additionally, Twitter also offers users an easier way to provide feedback on the usefulness of the tips.

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