Twitter makes it easy to find direct messages and introduces Android features


Twitter will now allow Android users to search their direct messages (DMs) in the near future. This feature was first introduced for iOS users a few years ago. This will help users to quickly search for old conversations without having to scroll through all the direct messages to find the specific chat history they are looking for. 

Soul searching? Hard. DM searching? Easy! Go ahead and try out the new DM search bar. We’re testing it out on iOS and web with your most recent DMs.

— Twitter (@Twitter) August 14, 2019

Twitter will also expand search options by allowing users to search for specific words or content they share on DM, but the feature will launch later this year. Twitter followers announced the new features of the Android app through tweets. Twitter introduced this feature for iOS users as early as 2019. 

DM’s search feature currently allows users to find conversations by searching for the user they are talking to or the group the user belongs to. Social media platforms will add this feature later by allowing users to search for content they have shared on DM via the search bar. 

The tweet read: “All your old fleets, not just the closest fleet.” “Are you waiting for the option to search the content of the message in DM? Recently, Twitter supposedly launched a new family of fonts, the font The family will launch its website soon The new family of sans serif fonts is called Chirp. 

Includes Chirp Black, Chirp Bold, and Chirp Regular fonts. The new font is only visible for Gadgets 360 on macOS devices and not for Windows devices. Presumably, the new font family may have been released on different platforms as well. However, the company said that “there is currently no further information to share.”

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