Twitter acquired Scroll and its ad-free news app to strengthen its upcoming subscription service


Twitter said Tuesday that it will buy Scroll and its ad-free news app to strengthen its next subscription service and provide funding to the news industry in the process. The global one-to-many messaging platform did not disclose how much it paid for Scroll. 

Twitter Product Manager Mike Park blogged, “As we build and shape the future subscription service on Twitter, Scroll will become an important complement to our subscription service.” 

For users, it will enter a private beta mode when it is integrated into Twitter subscription games later this year. “Scrolling is at the core of the alliance between publishers and platforms, building a new user experience model to provide sustainable financing for the news industry,” said Tony Haile, an executive with the company, in a blog. “At its core is simple membership, which allows people to fund websites they like without having to deal with ads and trackers they don’t like.” 

Scroll said you can access a variety of websites like The Atlantic, The Verge, and USA Today. Get news reports, “No Ads, No Peephole Trackers, and No Click Bait Boxes.” The news editor gained attention and money in the process. 

“As a Twitter subscriber, you can use images to access advanced features, where you can easily read articles from your favorite news outlets, or you can easily read Revue Writer’s newsletter, and part of the subscription will be created by the publisher. that created the Business and Writers’ content. 

‚ÄĚParker said Twitter has been trying to create a way to make money from the service without interrupting the stream of real-time posts that have always been its defining characteristic. Twitter reported last week that its earnings were lower than expected and user growth was disappointing. 

The number of “average daily monetizable active users” was lower than expected, at 199 million, a 20% increase over the same period last year Twitter has been working hard to expand its core audience of celebrities, journalists, and political leaders, even though it has become a forum important for policy debate. 

“People are turning to Twitter to check and talk about what’s going on, and we’re helping them find their interests faster while making it easier to follow up and participate in conversations,” CEO Jack Dorsey said in the report. 

Financial Said on the conference call. While Twitter strives to become a platform for political discussion, it also faces the challenge of dealing with misinformation and abusive content.

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