The OnePlus watch has been updated to the always-on display, camera shutter control, and other features

Oneplus watch

OnePlus launched its first OnePlus 9 series smartwatch launched in March. OnePlus Watch is currently available in various markets. The original watch lacked many features, such as a constant light display. 

Last month, the Chinese smartphone maker released a new software update, Update B.40 for OnePlus Watch, which improves GPS performance and provides better activity tracking and optimized heart rate monitoring algorithms. And fixed some bugs. 

The company released the B.40 OTA update last month and promised to introduce the always-on display feature and camera remote control support in the next update. And as promised, OnePlus has now started rolling out a new software update for the OnePlus Watch, which introduces these basic features.

OnePlus has started rolling out incremental update B.48 for OnePlus Watch users. It adds an always-on display to the smartwatch, which is a long-awaited feature that the company promised to provide earlier. The forum post called the feature “always-on dial” and claimed that enabling the feature will increase power consumption and cut the smartwatch’s battery life in half. 

This update also adds a remote control camera feature, allowing you to control your watch. Remotely use the phone’s shutter in the camera app via OnePlus Watch. Furthermore, the new Marathon exercise mode has also been added to the smartwatch. At launch, OnePlus had said that the OnePlus Watch will be able to track more than 110 exercise modes, but the current smartwatch is far from reaching this number.

  • Add Always-on Display dial
  • Remote Control Camera function
  • Add Marathon workout
  • Improvements
  • Optimize system UI details

Fix known issues and improve system stability.

The system interface has been improved and some known issues have been fixed. According to the changelog, the overall system stability of the OnePlus Watch has also been improved. This is an incremental update that was initially rolled out for some users and will be rolled out more widely soon. 

OnePlus recommends that the battery level of the smartwatch exceeds 40% before starting the update. The company said it will continue to work on optimizing the software to improve the overall experience. Last month, the company released update B.40, which improves GPS performance, activity tracking accuracy, and wake-up capabilities. OnePlus watch, etc.

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