The OnePlus Clipt application was launched to share text, images and files between the phone and the laptop

Oneplus Clipt

Clipt is a new app released by the OnePlus OneLabs team. The application can enable clipboard-like functions on multiple devices and allows you to send text, images, and files between phones, tablets, and laptops. With Clipt, users can copy text from the phone and seamlessly paste it on the computer. 

Download link is given below:

They no longer need to find a solution to send text messages from phone to laptop. As long as the user logs in with the same Google account on the device, Clipt will use their Google Drive account to transfer text, images, and files between devices. Clipt can be used on smartphones and tablets as an Android app in the Google Play store, a Chrome extension for Windows and Mac users. 

OnePlus said it will launch the app for iOS users soon. The Clipt app and the Chrome extension can create a link between your devices to seamlessly connect to the clipboard. After installation is complete, you can copy and paste from one device to another, or use it to easily send files between any number of devices. It seems that new apps for sharing text, images, and files no longer need to email, add images, or message each other in a chat app, just to transfer something from one device to another. 

You don’t have to look for a fix for the 25MB limit in your email client and you can send large files across devices. As mentioned above, Clipt uses its own Google Drive to transfer data. 

The only prerequisite is to use the same Google account to log into the device you want to transfer files between. OnePlus emphasizes that data shared with Clipt is safe. The company explained on the blog: “In the permissions, we will ask ourselves to read and write your Google storage space, but Clipt can only download the files it creates.” 

“In the application or extension, we keep the last 10 items available for use, but it will be automatically deleted after that, so it will not take up your storage space.”

Android Google Play Store – Download Link

Chrome Extension Webstore – Download Link

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