The Erangel map of PUBG mobile version is displayed in the form of Erangle in the mobile version of Indian Battlefield

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India” is expected to launch next month, and developer Krafton showed off another map that will appear in the Orange game. Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, a popular battle royale game banned by the government in September last year. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India still has a release date, but the pre-registration has been launched on the Google Play store on May 18 and promises to provide specific rewards for pre-registrants. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Facebook page shared a new image that contains two cups of tea and a postcard that looks like a game map. 

One of the postcards has a familiar pronunciation name, Erangle. PUBG Mobile has launched a map called Erangel, which has always been one of the most famous and popular maps in the game. Although we have not officially confirmed that Erangle is the same as Erangel, the image shared on the Google Play Store listing of Battlegrounds Mobile India shows a game location that PUBG Mobile players will be familiar with. 

They suggested that the Erangel and Miramar maps and the Sanhok map discussed earlier should appear in the game together. When Krafton announced the launch of the new game, it said it would make some India-specific adjustments. This change in the spelling of the map name seems to be one of the more subtle adjustments. 

It can distinguish between Battlegrounds Mobile and PUBG Mobile in India. A few weeks ago, Krafton showed off one of the 4×4 maps that will appear in the game: Sanhok. However, he did not mention the name of the map. Looking at what the developers seem to be doing with Erangle, the smaller map may also have some spelling changes. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India can be pre-registered in the Google Play Store for Android users in the country, and it is expected to launch on June 18. However, Krafton has not revealed the official release date but said it is working hard to determine the release date.

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