Tesla’s development platform will allow Chinese car owners to start accessing the data later this year


US electric car maker Tesla said Thursday that it is developing a platform for Chinese car owners to allow them to access data generated by their vehicles. Tesla produces Model 3 sedans and Model Y utility vehicles at the Shanghai plant. 

The company said in a statement that its goal is to launch the data platform this year. This is the first time that an automaker has announced plans to allow its customers to visit China. the largest automotive market in the world. Automobile data. More vehicles are equipped with cameras and sensors to capture images of the car’s surrounding environment. 

Controlling the use, shipping, and storage of these images is an emerging challenge for the entire industry and global regulators. China issued draft rules last month to ensure the security of data generated by smart cars. Company executives said last month that data collected from Tesla’s electric vehicles in China is stored in China. 

In April, Tesla became a target of the national media and regulators after a previous complaint about brake failure was unsatisfactory. A Tesla car protested at the Shanghai Auto Show. Video of the accident spread quickly. Tesla provided data related to the brake accident to customers who complied with local government orders.

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