Telegram founder Pavel Durov even criticize Apple’s hardware

Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov, the founder of the Telegram app, became popular shortly after WhatsApp lobbied for a controversial policy update and criticized Apple’s relationship with China. He accused the Cupertino company of providing the CCP with “total control” of citizens’ data using iPhones. 

He claimed that Apple’s “business model” is based on “selling outdated and expensive hardware to customers trapped in its ecosystem.” Durov also added that using the iPhone makes you “become Apple’s digital slave” because the company only allows users to download applications from its App Store. 

Durov even criticized Apple’s hardware, saying that every time he had to use the iPhone to test the Telegram app, on iOS, “I feel like I’m back in the Middle Ages.” He added that the iPhone’s 60Hz screen can’t match the modern one. The 120Hz display on Android phones competes. 

The Russian-born businessman cited the New York Times investigative report when commenting on his public Telegram channel. The history of romantic relationships dates back a long time, and Durov’s public statement is not the first time that he has targeted an American giant. 

In an article on July 28 last year, he outlined “7 reasons” why all iPhone users should be concerned about this problem. The App Store imposed a 30% tax on certain app developers, and Apple later lowered it to 15%. Apple is out of the App Store. In 2018, due to concerns about the distribution of child pornography on the platform, Apple removed the Telegram app from the App Store. 

Telegram has more than 500 million active users around the world. After Facebook and WhatsApp announced new changes to the privacy policy, the company’s recent increase in subscribers. Although WhatsApp backed down and canceled its May 15 deadline, public anger against it allowed Telegram and another competitor, Signal, to win the support of mobile phone users.

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